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Dynamics CRM App for Tablet issue on instances upgraded from CRM 2011

I recently went thru an annoying debugging process on a CRM instance that the CRM App for Tablets on Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and iPad IOS 8.4.1. This instance had never been able to be configured on tablets since CRM … Continue reading

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Hosting CRM 2011 Training VMs on Windows 8 Hyper-V

We were in Galisbay, Saint Martin training last week. (I know, it’s tough, but somebody has to do it!) Our host was Computech, a certified Microsoft partner who has build a substantial IT and development practice here over the last … Continue reading

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Issues with Document Actions menu in CRM 2011

Some of our users has had a problem with  the CRM 2011 to SharePoint document interface. For some reason, whenever they attempted to click on the actions menu for the documents associated with the CRM record when working remotely, the … Continue reading

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CRM 2011 Quote Mail Merge Template Spacing Tricks

A number of times I’ve received questions from users about how I got the spacing to work on my quote templates that were posted back in CRM 4.0. Shannon asked today if I do a quick video one and since … Continue reading

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CRM 4.0 Rollup 11 has corrupt download- fixed as of 6/28/2010

It appears that the rollup 11 download for the CRM client is a corrupted archive. Just a heads up, I’ve been trying to download rollup 11 for CRM 4.0 in order to update my Outlook client to rollup 11 and … Continue reading

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CRM 4.0 Outlook Client Mail Merge (mis)behaves like Web Client merge

I use the Outlook client in the mail merge function to generate quotes as you may have noticed in earlier blog posts. Every now and again, I run into a problem where the mail merge acts as if it was not invoked from within Outlook but acts more like you had invoked the mail merge from the Web client. Continue reading

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CRM 4.0 Data Import Error prevents submitting import job

I ran into an interesting error this morning that I thought I would share. I was attempting to import a CSV file called “Area code to Time zone & State List.csv” into a custom entity in CRM 4.0 when I got the following message: “An error has occurred”. Continue reading

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