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Sharpening the Saw (Certification 2015 style)

OK, I had a gig that lasted 4 1/2 years with a great team.  I got caught up in designing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 due to project constraints until this year.  Learned a lot, worked with truly great people, … Continue reading

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Configuring CRM 4.0 R8 On-Premise E-Mail Router with Exchange Online / BPOS

If you need to configure the CRM 4.0 on-premise e-mail router at rollup 8 to work with Exchange Online or BPOS, you will need to use a pop3 and SMTP configuration for your CRM e-mail router until Microsoft releases an update that supports BPOS from directly within the router. Here’s how… Continue reading

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Nurture Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

The idea, is to deliver regular content that addresses the interests of a prospect or customer and to time it to arrive where they might be interested in reading something about that. Nurture marketing is about delivering a predefined series … Continue reading

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What you need to know before buying CRM

In talking with our prospects and customers, we find there are many misconceptions about CRM software. Many don’t understand what it really is, some are concerned about its less than stellar history, and others are just looking for a quick fix. Here’s a quick primer. Continue reading

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Microsoft CRM 4.0 Internet Facing Deployment

This morning I got the pleasure of using the Microsoft IFD tool to create an Internet facing deployment for one of our clients with a pre-existing CRM 4.0 deployment. After all the hype when CRM 4.0 first came out, I was expecting more trouble than it really took. The IFD tool made it simple.

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The Forgetful Road Warrior and CRM 4.0 off-line client for Outlook.

The CRM 4.0 off-line client for Outlook has a some new options that make it even better for the business traveler. CRM 4.0 now allows you to automatically keep your off-line database in sync so you don’t have to remember … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned on SBS2003 MS CRM 3.0 upgrade to MS CRM 4.0

We have finally upgraded to CRM 4.0! We started on Wednesday morning and by Thursday afternoon had most of the problems either resolved or worked around.  We had two major issues: one involved the CRM e-mail router and the other … Continue reading

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