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Lessons learned: Legacy Software Replacement using Dynamics CRM

Background: For the last four or so years, I have been involved in a legacy (existing) systems replacement project for a certifying board. The legacy  software managed a database of information collected about constituent training, examinations, certification, re-certification and licensure. … Continue reading

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Deleting ‘Two Option’ or ‘Bit’ fields from CRM 2011/4.0

One of the challenges that I faced over time with both CRM 4.0 as well as CRM 2011, is eliminating "bit" or "two option" attributes from an entity in CRM once there are workflows in place that create records for … Continue reading

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Cleaning Up CRM 2011 E-mails

I needed to clean up our database a bit and devised a method to identify potential spam emails so I could flag them for deletion. Mind you, it still takes a review of the email subject lines but this is … Continue reading

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Elements of Scheduling in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Here is another video from our CRM 2011 Applications Video Series. This one, from the Using CRM 2011 Service Scheduling, describes all of the entities (files) used in the Service Scheduling module of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This video is also … Continue reading

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CRM 2011 Quote Mail Merge Template Spacing Tricks

A number of times I’ve received questions from users about how I got the spacing to work on my quote templates that were posted back in CRM 4.0. Shannon asked today if I do a quick video one and since … Continue reading

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CRM 2011 E-Mails–How to Insert / Add Graphics

This is the topic of an article I published back in the CRM 3.0 days, but as I was writing some of the decks for the soon-to-be released CRM 2011 processes video series, I realized I should publish this on … Continue reading

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Dynamics CRM 4.0 rollup 16 now available

Microsoft continues to support dynamic CRM 4.0 by publishing yet another rollup, number 16.  This rollup  contains performance improvements and fixes for the import organization function of the deployment manager. Be sure to follow the instructions in the knowledge base … Continue reading

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