More Dynamics CRM 2015 User Training Video Snacks

I find the best way to learn the details for teaching it is a dry run, so I tend to record as I practice.  This week I recorded and published 3 more videos for our YouTube site.

The newest recordings are based upon eBooks from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training and Adoption Kit from the CRM Help & Training site. The decks make pretty good snacks (short video) for users. They include:

I added them to the follow playlist:

Dynamics CRM 2015 User Training Video  – Playlist

Enjoy and have a happy Labor Day weekend!

Stephen V Noe
Dynamics CRM Architect, Consultant & Trainer


About stephenvnoe

Dynamics CRM solution architect, consultant, trainer & project manager. I provide CRM design, services, mentoring & support to all manner of Dynamics CRM projects.
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