eXtremeCRM 2013 in Anaheim

In early November, I had the pleasure of attending the eXtremeCRM 2013 conference in Anaheim, California, where I got to hob knob with some of the most impressive CRM visionaries and partners in the industry.

As part of the conference, I spent the first 2 days participating in the workshop-style “Executive Summit” which was designed to address key issues facing business owners and leaders today. It was enlightening to say the least.

After my 4 days in sunny California, I came back to Cary, NC with a new perspective and some fresh ideas on marketing (“neural selling” anyone?) and keeping my customers onboard, happy, and engaged. I would highly recommend looking for Mark Stuyt (Neural Selling) on the conference circuit – he brings a whole new way of thinking to the marketing table. Another great catch would be JC Quintana, author of the “call to arms” manifesto, CRM To The People. Both are very dynamic thinkers and speakers.

About stephenvnoe

CRM & XRM solution architect and project lead. I provide CRM design, services, mentoring & support to all manner of front office solutions and CRM projects.
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