CRM 2011 E-Mails–How to Insert / Add Graphics

This is the topic of an article I published back in the CRM 3.0 days, but as I was writing some of the decks for the soon-to-be released CRM 2011 processes video series, I realized I should publish this on the blog again.

Dynamics CRM 2011 does not allow you to paste graphics directly into an e-mail in a workflow, e-mail template, or when you’re manually creating e-mail activity.

You can however, paste a graphic into an e-mail using a link to a graphic that is accessible on the public facing website

  1. Create a special page on your website that contains all the graphics that you would like to include in CRM e-mails
  2. Display a page containing the graphic you want in Internet explorer
  3. Right-click the graphic that you want to insert in your e-mail and choose the “copy” option
  4. Position the cursor in your CRM e-mail form to where you’d like to place the graphics, and press Control-V to paste
  5. The graphic will now appear in your e-mail form, template, or send e-mail workflow activity

Here is an example of a simple e-mail signature template build using this concept. Note the use of the yellow “slugs” that insert dynamic values into the signature template


I see many other solutions that are more complicated published on websites so I thought I would add this one to the mix.

Have a great day!

Stephen V Noe, MCT, MCITP – CRM

About stephenvnoe

CRM & XRM solution architect and project lead. I provide CRM design, services, mentoring & support to all manner of front office solutions and CRM projects.
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3 Responses to CRM 2011 E-Mails–How to Insert / Add Graphics

  1. bugsoli says:

    Thanks for the reminder Stephen!
    It’s still bad that MS doesn’t include a rich HTML editor in their email templates, heck even open source CRMs have it! I don’t understand what’s the bottleneck?
    I hope they include the ‘insert image’ functionality they *nearly* implemented in the 2011 beta


  2. For signature i use Brandmymail ( ), which has full control over email signature and overall template 🙂


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