Using advanced find with one to one relationships in CRM 4.0

When the new many to many feature for any relationships came out with CRM 4.0, a lot of us had issues using it. I still haven’t figure out a way to use it to access records in a workflow and advanced find seemed quirky. Granted it works well for generating reports, but in general I’ve avoided it and use the manual many to many were we create a connecting entity with one to many relationships to both of the entities that I wanted to link.  This morning I read a blog written by Tanguy which explains why advanced fine seemed quirky with M:M relationships. I thought I’d share it since this definitely falls under CRM usability.

If you’re wondering why sometimes many to many relationships can be accessed from within advanced find and sometimes they cannot, it’s because advanced find can only see relationships that are visible on the navigation pane. This is an option that you configure when you define the relationship, and is very simple to show if you need to have access to the advanced find.

For more information, check out his blog article on this.

Hope this helps.

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Stephen V Noe, CRM consultant & MCT

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