Dynamics CRM SDK 4.0.13 now available

The latest update to the CRM 4.0 SDK, 4.0.13 is now available. It contains updates to the xrm functionality and advanced developer extension released with SDK 4.0.12.

For details of the updates: see below

Download: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyID=82E632A7-FAF9-41E0-8EC1-A2662AAE9DFB&displaylang=en

Access it online in the MSDN library: http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/bb928212.aspx

Stephen Noe


Release History

The following table describes the release history for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK.

Release New and updated topics Description of changes
Version 4.0.13 November 2010 SDK\SDKReadme.htm Updated the SDK readme.
  SDK\Bin\*.* Updated on-premises binaries to Update Rollup 13.

Updated online binaries to latest service release.




Updated all binaries for Advanced Developer Extensions.

Added a new plug-in sample using Advanced Developer Extensions.

Updated Advanced_Developer_Extensions_-_Developers_Guide.docx.

Added Advanced_Developer_Extensions_-_Walkthrough_Plugin.docx.

  SDK\Server\FullSample\ServertoServerNoCertsImpersonate Added a new sample for server-to-server authentication with impersonation where no certificates are required.
  SDK\Server\Helpers\CS\CrmOnlineAuth\WLIDTicket.cs Updated the helper code to correct an issue where secure information was being saved to a publicly readable XML file.
  Connect to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server Added documentation for additional parameters needed for the CrmSvcUtil tool.
  CrmService Operations Using a Data Context (UsingService)ServiceOperationsUsingaDataContext Added documentation to show how to call the CrmService using a data context.
  Context Configurability Added information about configuring the context for advanced developer extensions.
  Use LINQ to Retrieve Data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Added sample code to show how to work with date/time attribute values in the users time zone.
  Using the Generated Classes in Your Project Added information about accessing the Web service and context from a plug-in.
  Event Execution Pipeline Added a security note about plug-ins registered in the Pre-Event stage.
  Metadata Messages Corrected description of the InsertStatusValueRequest.
  Using the Paging Cookie (PageInfo) Added missing helper methods to the Fetch paging cookie sample.
  Productpricelevel.amount Added information about using this property with the pricing engine.

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