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CRM 4.0 E-Mail Router manual forwarding Rule Setup in Outlook.

If you use the CRM 4.0 e-mail router with the forwarding mailbox, you have to deploy forwarding rules to the mailbox of every CRM user. While the rule deployment wizard that comes with the e-mail router is great for on premise exchange environments, sometimes you have to set up a manual forwarding rule. Specifically, you need to create a mailbox rule that will forward all of the e-mail that you want processed by CRM as an attachment to the CRM mailbox. Here’s how a user can do this from within Outlook. Continue reading

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Configuring CRM 4.0 R8 On-Premise E-Mail Router with Exchange Online / BPOS

If you need to configure the CRM 4.0 on-premise e-mail router at rollup 8 to work with Exchange Online or BPOS, you will need to use a pop3 and SMTP configuration for your CRM e-mail router until Microsoft releases an update that supports BPOS from directly within the router. Here’s how… Continue reading

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