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CRM User Notification Emails for new & infrequent users of Dynamics CRM

An issue we commonly run into, especially with new CRM users is the problem of getting them to check for newly assigned activities, cases, or other CRM "assignments".  Many users can be remote or don’t normally log into CRM because they’re not in the habit yet. Continue reading

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First Florida CRM Training Camp is a success!

Our first belated ‘winter’ Dynamics CRM training camp in Tampa was held in May, 2009 at New Horizons of Tampa. We delivered all of the Dynamics CRM 4.0 training curriculum over a 2 week period using three CRM instructors. It seem the students enjoyed it too, as we got all 9’s on the evaluation from all attendees.Fortunately, even during a down year for training, companies still had budget to participate. Continue reading

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Using the Business Productivity Accelerator to generate links to CRM records

Microsoft has recently released the business productivity workflow tools accelerator (download here) which allows us to generate hyperlinks in e-mails created from within workflows. We use this to create links that will allow end-users to go straight into CRM record by clicking on a link in the e-mail. Continue reading

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