Dynamics CRM 4.0 Competency Boot camp in Tampa FL on May 11, 2009!

including the new CRM 4.0 Workflow 80003 and CRM 4.0 Extending 8969 courses. The workflow course is a great course for any CRM user while the extending CRM 4.0 course 8969 is for developers planning on creating extensions to Microsoft CRM such as plug-ins and callouts or advanced integrations to other applications.

The courses will be offered over a two-week period, with the first week as a compressed CRM boot camp. We will take the eight days of content from courses 8913, 8911, and 8912 and deliver it over 6 10 to 12 hour days starting on Monday May 11 through Saturday May 16th. At the end of the boot camp, you should have fundamental skills required to understand the entire CRM application, plan, install and repair CRM deployments, and have a clear understanding of the options available to customize CRM 4.0. In addition to that, you should be prepared for the following certification exams: MB2-631, MB2-632, and MB2-633

On Monday, May 18, we will deliver the CRM 4.0 workflow course, 80003 with enhanced content from some of the subject matter experts who contributed to the courseware content. (Mitch and Steve). This course is for end-users as well as technical people who want to use workflow to automate processes and tasks within the business.

On Tuesday, May 19 through Thursday, May 21, we will deliver the extending CRM 4.0 course, 8969. This material will be delivered by a CRM developer and should be an exciting opportunity for new CRM developers to interact with seasoned CRM developers. Prerequisites for this class include.net programming skills as well as J. script skills. This should be considered a technical class and is aimed towards developers. This will also help you pass the exam for CRM developer.

For enrollment information, click here, contact us at 877-CRM-4SFA or 919-459-5801.

About stephenvnoe

CRM & XRM solution architect and project lead. I provide CRM design, services, mentoring & support to all manner of front office solutions and CRM projects.
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