Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Customization & Configuration Course 8912 review

We have been delivering the CRM 4.0 8912 Customization & Configuration course for a while now so I thought it’s time for our review of the course. The new course is less technical than the 8525 CRM 3.0 version of the course, so it is definitely appropriate for  non-developers as well a prerequisite for developers planning to take the new 8969 CRM 4.0 extending course that replaces 8531: Extending CRM 3.0.

The 3 day course spends Day 1 covering the configuration of your organizational structure, users, teams and security, wraps up the first day with an overview of organizational settings. Day 2 begins with an overview of customization, then dives into customizing forms & views, entities & attributes (Tables and rows), and ends up with (entity) relationships and data mapping. Day 3 continues with data mapping, then moves on entity renaming, translation of entities for multiple language support, and covers the deployment manager. The second part of day 3 is a 4 hour introduction/demonstration of the advanced customizations that are covered in the upcoming CRM 4.0 Workflow and Extending CRM 4.0 courses such as: Workflow, Application event Programming with jscript, IFrames, etc.

This course does NOT require a .net background and does not cover SDK topics in any detail, so you don’t need to be a programmer to take this class. This is also not the course to teach you how to install CRM 4.0. For that you need to take the 2 day 8911: Installation & Deployment in CRM 4.0 course.

This course gives IT staff & Microsoft partners the training they need to properly implement CRM using the extensive customization features and get an understanding of how easy customizing CRM 4.0 really is. Consider taking 8913, CRM 4.0 Applications as a prerequisite to 8912 so that you clearly understand the base CRM product before you start customizing. This course (8912) will should be considered a prerequisite to the 8969: CRM 4.0 Extending course for any developer planning on developing Microsoft CRM 4.0 extensions. I have seen too many CRM implementations where it was obvious that a number of extensions were made without a clear understanding of how CRM could be customized before any code needed to be written.  Understand the power of customization before you start writing .net code.

Analysts, Designers, and Project Managers responsible for implementing CRM would also be well advised to take this course. It will help you understand the how Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 can be implemented with a minimum of coding. This understanding is critical to ensure the best returns on a CRM investment. This course is not appropriate for the average CRM end-user. 

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