MS CRM 4.0 Sample Quote Template

I have been playing with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 quote template for word mailmerge.  There were some documented issues, and so I fixed them and also took care some realignment so that would make it easier to customize and use. I also had some help from David Fronk with a couple of posts about the Quote templates.

Here are two samples, one using tables which was the very devil to get the alignment right and one using two lines per item and tabs to handle the alignment:

Turns out the alignment trick for the table one is going to take a movie to demonstrate. More on that when I have a space moment. Hint: Look at the paragraph options for before and after spacing of the line immediately above the quote line item table!



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4 Responses to MS CRM 4.0 Sample Quote Template

  1. Dave says:


    the link in this post is not working


  2. stephenvnoe says:

    OK, permanently fixed now. Sorry about that!


  3. Shannon Navin says:

    Stephen: Did you ever get around to creating a video on how to take care of the line spacing issue? I’m desperate…I’m seeing exactly what you describe elsewhere–a line between my header and my first entry…three lines between each entry and then 2 lines between the last entry and the summary table. I’m sure it would take you 5 minutes to explain…I’ve been playing with it for days and am ready to pull out my hair! Please let me know if you can help.


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