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Using Outlook Favorites for fast access to CRM (video demo)

In my top 10 blog for CRM improvements, one of the tips is to use the Outlook shortcuts to get to all of your CRM folders quickly.  Here’s a quick video demo that shows you how to do it.

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Changing the account entity name to company in Microsoft CRM (Video demo)

One of the recommendations we make for CRM users is to change the name of the account entity to company. This makes it clearer to end users that this entity stores information about all the companies that we know, not just our accounts. This was previously published in my top 10 recommendations blog, but I got an e-mail yesterday from someone asking me how to do it.  Continue reading

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CRM 4.0 Outlook Client crashes during sync with Outlook

As a part of our conversion to CRM 4.0 over the last few days, we had a problem with the Outlook client for CRM crashing every 10-15 minutes. Turns out the problem involves the birthday field: reportedly if the birthdate … Continue reading

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