Customizing Your Outlook Desktop for CRM

One of the most important things you can do to improve your Microsoft CRM productivity is to customize your Outlook desktop. It takes only a minute to do and will turbocharge your CRM productivity.

In your mail folder in Outlook you have the ability to set up favorites folders.  Outlook out-of-the-box already includes several folders in the favorites as an example. This example below shows an already customized favorites folder that includes both the standard defaults as well as including some Microsoft CRM folders as well.

In addition to the default folders of: 

  • inbox,  
  • for follow-up,  
  • unread mail, and  
  • sent items;

Several CRM folders should been added as well.  Most users should consider adding the following CRM to the favorite folders list to make them easily accessible: 

  • contacts,  
  • accounts, and  
  • activities  
  • leads (optional)  
  • opportunities (optional)

How to add folders to the” favorites folders list”
1. First open Outlook and go to the Mail view of Outlook by clicking on the Mail Icon or Mail bar in the navigation pane on the left side of the Outlook window.

2. You may add any folder to the favorite folders list by right clicking it and selecting “add to favorite folders list” or by dragging and dropping the folder you want to add in the position you would like it to be in the favorite folders list. 
3. Open the CRM folder, go to each CRM folder you want to add to favorites, and repeat step 2 for each folder you want to add.

4. To remove a folder from the favorite folders list, right-click the folder that you wish to remove and click on “remove from favorite folders list”.

You will end up with an Outlook favorites folder that looks like the screenshot below. This’ll make it easy for you to access any CRM folder that you use regularly.



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