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Deleting ‘Two Option’ or ‘Bit’ fields from CRM 2011/4.0

One of the challenges that I faced over time with both CRM 4.0 as well as CRM 2011, is eliminating "bit" or "two option" attributes from an entity in CRM once there are workflows in place that create records for … Continue reading

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Building a Sales Process Workflow in Dynamics CRM 2011

Here is a video from our CRM 2011 Video Series. This one, from the CRM 2011 Workflow & Dialog Processes Series, walks thru the process of building a ‘smart’ sales process using CRM workflows. This video is also applicable to … Continue reading

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Using workflow to automatically set complex default values in Dynamics CRM 4.0

We also have customers who need to have complex default values set for attributes (data fields) that are based upon complex relationships with other attributes in the same or other entities related to the entity at hand. While it’s possible to handle this with scripts in the form and through.net callouts, Continue reading

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CRM 4.0 Workflow tip

I read this content from Mitch Milam’s blog today and thought I would share it with you! Mitch is a master at workflows and was even one of the SMEs for the 80003 Workflows in Dynamics CRM 4.0 courseware. Continue reading

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Handling ‘leads’ from your web site in Dynamics CRM

A different approach to processing responses from your website with Microsoft dynamics CRM. Continue reading

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CRM User Notification Emails for new & infrequent users of Dynamics CRM

An issue we commonly run into, especially with new CRM users is the problem of getting them to check for newly assigned activities, cases, or other CRM "assignments".  Many users can be remote or don’t normally log into CRM because they’re not in the habit yet. Continue reading

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Using the Business Productivity Accelerator to generate links to CRM records

Microsoft has recently released the business productivity workflow tools accelerator (download here) which allows us to generate hyperlinks in e-mails created from within workflows. We use this to create links that will allow end-users to go straight into CRM record by clicking on a link in the e-mail. Continue reading

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Nurture Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

The idea, is to deliver regular content that addresses the interests of a prospect or customer and to time it to arrive where they might be interested in reading something about that. Nurture marketing is about delivering a predefined series … Continue reading

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New CRM 4.0 Workflow Courseware now available!

The long-awaited CRM 4.0 workflow course is now available!  80003A:  Workflow in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 is designed to give a non-technical one-day introduction to using the new CRM 4.0 workflow engine.  We’ve been waiting for this course with anticipation since both Mitch Milam and I had the privilege of contributing to the courseware as subject matter experts. This one-day course is the perfect way to jumpstart using CRM 4.0 workflow to automate manual processes within your organization.

Continue reading

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MS CRM 4.0 Workflow won’t publish after deleting an attribute.

Bitp Tags: MS CRM 4.0, Workflow Mitch Milam and I were working on this problem together. I had removed a series of custom attributes from the Opportunity entity and we could no longer publish some of the workflows associated with … Continue reading

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