CRM 2011 Training event registration closes Friday

If you are considering attending our winter training in Raleigh next month, be aware that you are running out of time. Early registration closes Friday, and the rates go up after that.

Contact Mary at / 919-459-5803 or register here to claim your seat!

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Dynamics CRM 2011 UR12 partially released

Update Rollup 12 has been partially released, but not the server parts at this time. While many of us have been waiting for the functionality provided in UR12, I recommend that you hold off or at the very least, perform thorough testing before applying this rollup into production enviroments, even after the release of the missing bits.

In addition to the issues with CRM 4.0 jscript on new browsers, this is a major update to CRM and I would tread carefully and slowly to protect your users form potential issues.  Read all of the notices carefully before proceeding.

We are currently recommending that our clients install UR11 and hold for now unless there is a major need to move forward.


Steve Noe

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Dynamics CRM 2011 Polaris SDK now available

The latest release of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software Development Kit (5.0.13) is now available for download here. It is also available in the MSDN library here. It applies to the  upcoming CRM 2011 RU12 for On-Premise, as well as the CRM Online Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 Service Update.

There is a lot included in this update and some reorganization of topics to make life easier. More details can be found on the CRM Team blog here.

Check it out!

Steve Noe
Dynamics CRM Solution Architect and Trainer

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Dates for Dynamics CRM Training Event Finalized

Our winter 2013 Dynamics CRM training event has been rescheduled to the two week period from Monday February 25th through Thursday March 7th. It will still be held in Research Triangle Park (Raleigh, NC), near Raleigh-Durham International airport (RDU).

You may sign up for individual classes, a competency track for consultants or even the developer’s track.  There is no faster way to build Dynamics CRM skills and/or certify than this event.

Contact Mary Bradley ( or go to our web site for more information.  Our web site includes syllabus, venue and accommodation information if you need more details. 

Mary can help guide you as to the best classes to take for your goals. Package, early-bird multi student discounts apply, so be sure to check with us for your best deal.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Steve Noe, CRM Architect & Trainer


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CRM Bootcamp is rescheduled to February 2013

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Raleigh CRM 2011 Bootcamp for January is being rescheduled. I will post more once we have a firm commitment from the venue, but it is now tentatively February 25 through March 7th.

I will post more when I have it.


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Steve Noe

Lynn & Elwood 1

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FREE access to our online CRM education CBTs for a limited time!

For a limited time, Business IT Professionals is making our CRM 2011 video based training available to qualified decision-makers of Dynamics CRM customers and partners to introduce our training services to new customers and partners.

FREE access to BizITPro’s online CRM education CBTs for a limited time!

Training for CRM can be expensive and time consuming with travel costs and registration costs however, those who do institute training receive a 200% return in productivity.  For a limited time, Business IT Professionals will offer our original CRM 2011 technical training courses.  Our courses can help you master key functions quickly achieving greater ROI on the investment you’ve made in CRM 2011.  Each course is broken down into topic specific modules offering a total of approximately 10 hours of content per course.  Use this opportunity as a quick way to get up to speed on CRM 2011 or as part of your organization’s learning plan.  Contact us to find out more about creating a corporate learning plan, private and/or customized education services we offer. 

Samples of our courses are available on our YouTube channel at or Contact our Corporate Sales Director for more information: 919.459.5803.  Register below for more details.

To register for this free offer, go to our website here and register.

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Windows 8 on an iPad? Really?

I bought a new laptop for teaching so that I can run Windows 8 with Hyper-V for my teaching VMs. I also have an iPad which I used to remote in to my desktop machine and other machines using an RDP application on the iPad called Jump.

What I didn’t expect, was that it would be possible to use gestures on the iPad and have been translated into Windows 8 gestures over Remote Desktop.

So here’s an example of running Windows 8 over an iPad using jump:


No really,that’s actually a screenshot directly from my iPad.


Here’s another screenshot where I have clicked on the tools menu and selected the Windows Multitouch option.  Once I enable this option, all the Windows 8 gestures work perfectly, and it even runs over LTE .

That’s what actually enables the gestures from the iPad to control the remote Windows 8 machine.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s the next best way to have Windows 8 running on my iPad while I’m waiting for a good Windows 8 Pro tablet! I an waiting on the Lenovo Tablet 2 or Lynx, both of which are overdue, but now promised in December.

As far as Windows 8 is concerned,  I’m getting used to the changes.  The biggest challenge I had was giving up the Windows start menu which I fixed by using something called Classic Shell until I get used to the new Metro interface.

I’ll be talking about Windows 8 and some of the things that I’ve been through more later.

Happy weekend!

Stephen V Noe, CRM Architect & Trainer

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