3 more Dynamics CRM User Training Videos Posted

I recorded and posted the last three eBooks from the Dynamics CRM training and adoption kit on our YouTube site this week.  They include:

    1. Meet your service goals with SLAs and entitlements training
    2. Customize a business process
    3. Dynamics CRM System Dashboards

I also published one right before the Labor Day weekend:

Use Dynamics CRM knowledge base articles to help your customers

That completes the full set of eBook PowerPoint decks fro the Training and Adoption kit for Dynamics CRM Online, update one.

I added them all to the follow playlist:

Dynamics CRM 2015 User Training Video  – Playlist


Stephen V Noe
Dynamics CRM Architect, Consultant & Trainer

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More Dynamics CRM 2015 User Training Video Snacks

I find the best way to learn the details for teaching it is a dry run, so I tend to record as I practice.  This week I recorded and published 3 more videos for our YouTube site.

The newest recordings are based upon eBooks from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training and Adoption Kit from the CRM Help & Training site. The decks make pretty good snacks (short video) for users. They include:

I added them to the follow playlist:

Dynamics CRM 2015 User Training Video  – Playlist

Enjoy and have a happy Labor Day weekend!

Stephen V Noe
Dynamics CRM Architect, Consultant & Trainer

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Additional Dynamics CRM 2015 User Training Video

I added some more videos to the Dynamics CRM End User Training playlist up on the BIZITPRO YouTube site today.

Two videos about the Dynamics CRM Data Import Wizard, one from Training & Adoption Kit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and a more detailed one from our Dynamics CRM 2015 Configuration playlist for system administrators.

Check them out!

Stephen V Noe
CRM Architect, SME and Trainer

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New ‘Start Working in CRM’ Video post on Youtube

I just recorded one of the training decks from the Training & Adoption Kit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This 8 minute introduction helps new users get started in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, CRM 2015 and CRM 2013. It’s based on the deck in the CRM Adoption kit.  The deck does a good job of covering some of the basics for new users and helping users of earlier versions make the switch.

You can find it here: http://YouTube.com/BIZITPRO

There is an accompanying Word doc with more details here: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkID=512927


Stephen V Noe
CRM Architect, SME and Trainer

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Dynamics CRM 2015 Customization Training on YouTube

I just finished updating my Dynamics CRM 2015 Customization training class. TO test it out, I have recorded it and uploaded it to YouTube in a play list here on the BIZITPRO YouTube channel..

I broke it down into the following segments for easy consumption:

    1. Introduction
    2. Business Units
    3. Security Roles
    4. User Accounts
    5. Teams
    6. Hierarchical Security
    7. Field Level Security
    8. Data Auditing
    9. Data Import Wizard

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Steve Noe

Steve 2015

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Dynamics CRM App for Tablet issue on instances upgraded from CRM 2011

I recently went thru an annoying debugging process on a CRM instance that the CRM App for Tablets on Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and iPad IOS 8.4.1. This instance had never been able to be configured on tablets since CRM 2013. The app refused to initialize after asking for the URL, account and password. It gave the same message on both apps: “We’re sorry Sorry, something went wrong while initializing the app.  Pease try again, or restart the app.”


Searches for this brought back a known issue relating to CRM users who are associated with a child business units, but this was not the case here. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2899860

That article led to a TechNet article on how to troubleshoot and enable tracing on tablets: http://www.microsoft.com/en-US/dynamics/crm-customer-center/enable-tracing-in-crm-for-tablets.aspx

I chose the iPad device for the trace, enabled tracing in settings, attempted to initialize the app, got the file from iTunes and found the following message deep in the log near the end:

2015-08-19 19:09:52 +0000 [INFO]: [PAL] | Error Message:System.ArgumentException: Cannot load resource that matches “query.DC35F396-6A35-4b3f-BE27-3F2F7BD9D8C4.cell.opportunityroleidname.label” identifier.
Parameter name: name
at Microsoft.Crm.Application.ResourceManager.BasicResourceManager.GetCultureString(String name, CultureInfo culture, IOrganizationContext context)
at Microsoft.Crm.Application.Controls.GridUtility.GetColumnInfo(IXPathNavigable nodePath, EntityMetadata entityMeta, DynamicMetadataCache metadataCacheForLabels, Boolean hasRelatedEntityColumns, String relatedEntityColDisplayNameMask, Int32 langCode, String gridId, Boolean isGridFilteringEnabledForCurrentView, IOrganizationContext context)
at Microsoft.Crm.Application.Controls.GridUtility.GetColumnsFromLayoutXml(IXPathNavigable layoutXml, EntityMetadata primaryEntity, Boolean hasRelatedEntityColumns, String gridId, Boolean isGridFilteringEnabled)
at Microsoft.Crm.Core.Application.WebServices.ApplicationMetadata.ApplicationMetadataFetchXmlConverter.Convert(ApplicationMetadataSourceObjectModel source)
at Microsoft.Crm.Core.Application.WebServices.ApplicationMetadata.ApplicationMetadataSourceRetrieverBase.RegenerateApplicationMetadataRecords(IEnumerable`1 sourceObjectModels, Boolean createOrUpdateInDb)
at Microsoft.Crm.Core.Application.WebServices.ApplicationMetadataService.Sync(ApplicationMetadataSyncRequest applicationMetadataSyncRequest)

The highlighted pointed to this post by Simon Trejtnar: https://community.dynamics.com/crm/f/117/t/149991 which ultimately was my issue. The “Opportunity Associated Extended View” view appeared to be damaged and was not used in the instance. In my instance of CRM Online, the view was not managed, so I was able to delete the “Opportunity Associated Extended View” from the list of views in the Opportunity entity using the customization interface.

After the view was deleted, I was able to successfully configure the Dynamics CRM table app on Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and IOS devices. Thanks Simon!

I hope this helps!

Steve 2015

Stephen V Noe
Dynamics CRM Architect, SME & Trainer

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Dynamics CRM 2015 / 2013 New Feature Summary

I did a compilation of the new features if CRM 2013 and 2015 to update the training materials and to recertify. If you are making the upgrade from CRM 2011or upgrading your certifications, here is the summary of new stuff the team gave us:

Dynamics CRM 2015 New Features

  1. Interface
    1. Hierarchy Visualization
    2. Enhanced Mobile Sales Offline & Dashboard
    3. Outlook and Sync Enhancements
  2. Customization
    1. Entity
      1. Field Types:
        1. Simple Calculated
        2. Rollup
      2. Enhanced Business Rules.-
        1. If – Then
        2. Server Side – Plugin replacement
  3. Processes
    1. Enhanced Business Processes
      1. If then else
  4. Config
    1. Security Enhancements – hierarchy security model
    2. Field Level security available on all fields
  5. Application
    1. Search multiple entities
    2. Sales Product Taxonomy
      1. Family
      2. Bundle
    3. SLA Enhancements
    4. Microsoft Social Listening is now available for on-premises systems

CRM 2013 New Features

  1. Interface
    1. Command Bar
    2. Simplified Navigation
    3. Flat User Interface
    4. Auto Save
    5. Office 2013 Support
    6. Skype/Lync
    7. Apps for IOS, Win 8 PC
  2. Customization
    1. Entity
      1. Business Rules
      2. Image field type
    2. Forms
      1. Social Pane
      2. Quick Create Forms
      3. Quick View Forms
    3. Integrated Maps
  3. Processes
    1. Real Time Workflows
    2. Business Process Flow
    3. Actions
  4. Configuration
    1. Assign Security Roles to teams
    2. Server Side Sync of email

Steve Noe

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